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TriDimension Strategies
Transformation of Ineffective Public Policy

End Cuban Embargo
Organized and led delegations of agricultural executives to Cuba. The September 2002 trip was included in 60 Minutes' October 13, 2002 story "The End of the Embargo." (See September 5, 2002 photo in Old Havana, Cuba and September 16, 2002, Dallas Morning News article)

Political Pressures of
Cuban Embargo

Conducted primary and secondary research to clarify the political pressures surrounding the Cuba embargo. (See May 25, 2002 Economist article)


Initiative for Lifting Cuban Embargo
Organized and coordinated the Texas legislative initiative calling on Congress and the President to lift the Cuba embargo. Texas was the first legislature to pass such a resolution. (See July 26,2001 Congressional Record document)

Childhood Mental Disorders
Conducted in depth analysis of childhood mental disorders, their impact on the criminal justice system and left untreated, their negative impact on a child’s ability to thrive.

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